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In the event of a puncture, Hugh Lewis Tyres will repair free of charge any BFGoodrich car, van or 4x4 tyre purchased from Huw Lewis Tyres between 1 April and 30 June 2016.

This guarantee includes free valves and balancing. If the tyre is beyond repair, you’ll get up to 100% discount on a new BF Goodrich tyre of the same size and specification depending on how much of the original tread tread is left.

Tyres that have been damaged beyond repair by being driven under-inflated or flat as a result of a puncture will not be subject to a discount on replacement.

Tread Depth Remaining


Greater than 6mm

FREE new tyre

Over 4mm - 6mm

Price on the day less 65% discount

2mm - 4m

Price on the day less 35% discount

Below 2mm

No discount

[1] Free replacement if tread depth is greater than 6mm or scaleable discounts if less than this
[2] Subject to tyre inspection by Huw Lewis Tyres